Congratulations to our MPM4Fun students who won recognition in the IMEC 2017 Math Contest


MPM is a well sequenced math program that implements the concepts of Multi-Process and Multi-Model mathematics for K-6 grade students.  Through MPM’s training, students will not only master elementary level math but also build up a solid foundation for junior high school math concepts.  They will sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills while shaping characteristics for success. 

MPM4Fun classroom has a low teacher to student ratio, because we truly believe our students should receive attentive guidance they need from our patient, devoted, and well-qualified instructors.  We also believe that parent-teacher communication and interaction is crucial for our students’ optimal learning. In our loving and caring environment, we gladly see our students’ improvements and significant changes.  They have showed progress in:

  1. Their math performance
  2. Focus and the ability to sustain their attention spans
  3. Developing more motivation and having more confidence in themselves
  4. Becoming more independent learners
  5. Being more willing to take challenges
  6. Thoroughly enjoying math

Our goal at MPM4Fun is to:

  1. Encourage our students to work independently and effectively with our skillful instruction, instead of wasting valuable time waiting for instructor’s direction 
  2. Make our students feel confident and pride themselves in their achievements
  3. Promote their love of math, learning, and themselves

Let’s work together to help our children succeed!

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